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Valley View Community Primary School

Breakfast Club Team

Breakfast Club Team




Miss N Ray

Breakfast Club Manager

I have been working in schools for 6 and a half years.

I enjoy a new challenge everyday and that no day is the same. I love the ethos at Valley View and the community spirit that everyone shares.

There are lots of things that make me laugh but mostly it is the children with their wit, curiosity and their ability to change your whole day with just one smile. 

One word to describe me would be 'Dependable'.




Mrs J Bedford

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have worked at Valley View for ten years.

The best thing about my job is that no two days are the same.

I have thought about my funniest moment and there are too many to recall as I laugh every day.

A word to describe me would be 'Determined'.







Mrs P Dickinson

Breakfast Club Assistant


I have worked in schools for 25 years on and off.  At Rodley and Valley View continuously for the last 15 years.

I enjoy working in school.  It’s a super place to work – so much going on.  No two days are ever the same.  As for working at lunchtimes and breakfast club, when the children have been fed and watered, been kept safe and cared for, then it’s a job well done.  It’s good to feel you’ve been a part of a team of staff that works well together and have made that happen.

So many things have been funny – like the time I made meringues with the children which turned out like pancakes, or I got stuck in the rings on the ski slope at Xscape whilst on a school trip and I couldn’t get out for laughing and no one else could help for laughing! – to the things the children say or do that make me laugh.  The best and most amazing thing ever is when a child achieves something that they have once struggled with and you see the look of pride on their face (Wow, wow, wow!)

A word to describe me: 'Caring'.



Mrs K Hajimirza-Ahmed

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have been working in schools for 23 years.  I was a Teaching Assistant in Iran for 5 years.  Then I taught maths and physics.

I like challenging myself with new things every day, always learning new and different things.

The funniest thing is one child who tried speaking Spanish to me every lunchtime when he came for dinner.  I thought he was speaking Spanish because it was his first language, but when I asked him he explained he had been learning Spanish to communicate with me, as he thought I was Spanish!

A word to describe me is: ‘Dedicated’.




Mrs K McNiven

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have worked in school nurseries for ten years.

I like helping the nursery children developing into independent, confident little people, who are ready to start school.

I love to listen to the children whilst they play. Their imaginations make me laugh. I also like it when they achieve something that seems so small, like putting on their own coat, makes them so proud of themselves. 

I am 'Patient'.




Mrs K Moore

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have worked in school for 4 years.

I like the different everyday challenges working in school brings and the enjoyment of seeing children happy and learning.

My favourite moments are when children have struggled with a task for a while but still persevered on, the moment they understand how to do it and can then do it independently is fantastic.  To me the best moments working in school are seeing the children achieving,  learning and smiling.

The word to describe me as a professional: 'Dedicated'.



Mrs D Stuttard

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have worked in school for 15 years.

My job is challenging, exciting and fun. No two days are ever the same. 

At Valley View I appreciate the support and enthusiasm that each and every staff member shares with one another. I feel lucky and proud that I can work with children of all ages and always feel welcomed by them when entering their classrooms. I appreciate the fact that my professional development is important to the management team, who support and encourage requests for training courses to further develop my skills.

The funniest thing that has happened was when we had an Art Week in school. Mrs Dowling had several large tins of emulsion paint in the boot of her car, she asked me to take the four tins upstairs. Well, I didn't actually get to the landing because I suddenly noticed that as I climbed each step the tins had been knocking against my hips, and as Mrs Dowling later admitted, "The lids hadn't been put back on properly" therefore each and every step -carpeted- had been covered in paint! (I'm not sure that Mrs Griggs and Mr Richards find this funny - yet!).

A word to describe me: 'Enthusiastic'.




Mrs L Ward

Breakfast Club Assistant

I have been working in school for 15 years.

I always wanted to work with children, even when I left school, but ended up working in a department store for 13 years, having only meant to stay for a year!  It took a while, but now I am working with children!

A funny thing that happened is when a Year 4 child once asked to go to the toilet, and I told him to go straight in and out again. He then asked to go to the toilet again a few minutes later, and when I said “You’ve only just been,” he said but you told me to go in and out again, I didn’t actually go to the toilet!

A word to describe me would be: 'Confidential'.