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Key Stage 1 Team


Ms A Fotheringhame

Calder Class Teacher,

Key Stage 1 Leader,

Assistant Headteacher


I have been teaching since 1995 – and loved every minute (maybe not the time I was “custarded” for Comic Relief!)

It honestly is an absolute privilege to be a part of a week, a month, a year or even a whole primary school career of children’s learning, development and growth.  Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am!

The best thing ever was taking a child who had never been to the seaside on a trip to Filey.  She was soaking wet and covered in sand for most of the day, with the biggest ever grin on her face from the moment she stepped onto the coach to the moment she fell into her parents arms with exhaustion when we came back – sheer pleasure!

I am very passionate (about my job).


Miss A Hussain

Crimple Class Teacher

I have worked in schools since 2017. 

I enjoy working in school's as each day with every child in my class is unique and no two days are the same. I take pride in contributing to  the learning and growth of young people. As a teacher I believe I am very fortunate to not only teach children but also learn alongside  them!

The funniest thing that has happened to me whilst working in schools, was when I flooded the classroom and thought it would be a good idea to mop it up with paper towels! 

One word that describes me: 'Dedicated'



Mrs J Cousins

Crimple Class

Teaching Assistant


I have worked in schools since 2006 including voluntary/ employed.

I enjoy making a difference, seeing children grow in confidence and enjoy learning.

The best thing so far has been performing a 'Reach for the stars' song/ dance with a group of colleagues as a surprise leavers assembly for the Year 6 children and our Headteacher's retirement.

I am 'Adaptable'.






Mrs T Wilson

Calder Class Teaching Assistant


I have spent many years in education – I started teaching in Post-16 education in 1994 and then moved to primary schools in 2006.

The best part of the job is watching the children grow and mature through their school life.  Occasionally when they return to visit from high school I am amazed by the confident young adult in front of me.

One of my best memories of Valley View is on a “Snow Day” when we were able to go out and build snow castles and snowmen, then warming up with cups of hot chocolate when we came in.  When I come to school I feel like part of an extended family and friends sharing lots of good times.

A word to describe me: 'Patient'. 




Mrs C Gregory

Deepdale Class Teacher


I have been teaching since 2007.

The best thing about working in a school is that every day is different.

I think one of the things I always enjoy the most is Christmas time in school as it is truly magical! Years of staging a Nativity have probably also provided me with some of the funniest moments of my career as once a child is on stage you have little control over what they might say or do... especially when they are only 6 years old!

The word that describes me as a professional: 'Involved'.




Mr W Hendy

Derwent Class Teacher


I have been working in schools since 2007. 

I like it that every day is different.  We work on so many different things, with so many different people: children, parents, colleagues and other adults.  It's always a challenge, so gets your brain thinking about solving problems.  I like working at Valley View because the children and staff are so friendly, willing to learn and progress.

The best thing is watching pupils' confidence in their abilities grow... and the funniest (and scariest) moment was chasing a dog through classrooms, the hall and corridors.  Every day is different!

The word that describes me as a professional?  'Active'.


Mrs A Wordsworth

Y2 Deepdale Class Teaching Assistant

I have been working in schools for 10 years – I started working in schools as a lunchtime supervisor, then a classroom volunteer, completed a NVQ and was then employed as a Teaching Assistant.

I like working with children and like to think I am making a positive contribution to their development. 

I find this school friendly and welcoming; the staff are great, as are the children and I am so glad that I am part of the team, and being given the opportunity to work in a great school.

A word to describe me is 'Committed'.





Mrs K Rhodes

Y2 Derwent Class

Teaching Assistant


Valley View is my first TA position I've been here for just over three years. In a previous life I was a IT product Manager.

I love the fact that every day is different and that each child is an individual who I can help and support.

The best thing is that a wet tissue can cure ALL ailments!

A word to describe me would be 'Optimistic'.








Miss R Johnston

KS1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant


I have worked in schools since 2012.

 I love seeing children grow and develop to become confident, independent learners. I love to know I am helping sculpt their future and that every day is different. I enjoy making the children’s time in school happy and memorable.

 I have been thinking about my funniest moment working in schools but there are too many and hopefully many more to come. Being involved in my last classes talent show was probably the funniest moment, when one of the boys was doing a ‘free style’ crazy dance and the whole class laughed together. 

 A word to describe me is ‘caring’.





Mrs A Roome

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant 

I love working in a school because of the diversity of the things I do and the people I meet - no day is the same! I particularly like working at Valley View because we are one big family.  I've been a School Governor since 2011 but after working briefly at another school in Leeds I joined the team at Valley View in March 2016.

Funny and amazing things happen often in school, but I remember being on a trip to Armley Mills Victorian school room and the very strict school mistress told some of the adults off for not listening, the children thought it very funny but no-one dared laugh!



Mrs K McNiven

Teaching Assistant Year 2

I started working at Valley View in September 2019.  This is the first school that I have worked at.

I like my job because every day is different.  I find this school very friendly and helpful.

I am enjoying watching the children learn and achieve their goals.  Playground duty makes me smile every day just by watching them use their imaginations.

A word to describe me: 'Patient'