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Derwent Class

9th May 2019

This week the children have been designing purses as part of their DT project.  Next week they will be turning their designs into real purses by cutting pieces of material to size and sewing them together using a running stitch.  They will also be sewing on attachments for decoration.  We look forward to showing you some photos of the finished products.



2nd May 2019

On Monday we held an information meeting for parents about end of Key Stage 1 assessments.  If you were unable to make it we have included a link below to the presentation that was shown.  If you have any questions about the Key Stage 1 SATs tests please see you child's class teacher.

PDF icon End of Key Stage 1 assessments

25th April 2019

Derwent class had more excitement last week when their drama teacher entered the classroom dressed as a Victorian teacher.  'Mrs McBride' told the children all about what it is like in Victorian schools and the children had chance to ask her questions.  She even sent the children a letter asking for their advice on how she could improve her teaching.


28th March 2019

We had a very exciting day this week as a visitor called 'Pam Springs' from Australia came into the classroom and told the children all about where she was from and answered lots of questions.  'Pam Springs' then re-introduced herself to the children as their drama teacher who will be working with them each week next half term.  The children then carried out some drama activities.



 14th March 2019

On Wednesday this week the children took part in 'Heritage Day' and worked on a range of activities all about the history of Rodley and the locality.  They worked alongside a group of students from Leeds Beckett University and they thoroughly enjoyed taking part.


 28th February 2019

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Computing lesson this week.  They collected data about how children travelled to school and then recorded this by creating a Pictogram on the computer.  They used a program called 'Purple Mash' and learned how to save their work so that they can come back to it at a later date.



14th February 2019

 We were so proud of Derwent Class this week.  They joined Deepdale Class in putting of a performance of 'Eddie the Penguin Saves the World' and thoroughly impressed us all with their singing, dancing, loud speaking and confidence.  The story behind the play gave an important message about recycling and saving energy which we will be continuing to think about next half term.


24th January 2019

In Maths this week the children have been learning about data collection and have been collecting data about their peers using tally marks.  They have also created pictograms and have talked about the information that they have gathered.


10th January 2019

This week we have started our new topic about Polar Explorers.  As part of today's lesson the children had to work with a partner to carry out research about polar animals.  They then had to plan a report about the animal they chose to find out about.



13th December 2018

 For homework this week the children have found out about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world.  In class we found out about the festival of Santa Lucia in Sweden.  We even re-enacted a part of the ceremony in the classroom after watching a video of the event.




29th November 2018

Derwent class have been very excited over the past couple of weeks as they found a dragon egg in the classroom!  Upon discovering the egg they had to think of instructions for how to look after it and keep it safe.  They did a great job with this but unfortunately when they came to school the next morning the egg had hatched!  The window was open and we think the dragon escaped.  The children then wrote instructions for how to trap the dragon.  So far it has not been found.  Please keep a look out!



15th November 2018

The children have been thoroughly enjoying the scientific experiments that they have carried out in Year 2.  This week they have been investigating materials to find out which ones are the most absorbent.  They tested cardboard, metal, wood, concrete and a sponge.  They found that the sponge was the most absorbent material.



25th October 2018

This week the children found an old suitcase in the classroom.  They were delighted to find objects inside that were from a seaside in the past.  They found a parasol, a bucket and spade and even an old bathing suit!  The children then found out about what people would have done at the seaside a long time ago.  Following this they compared the seaside long ago to what the seaside is like today.



11th October 2018

 This week Derwent class have shown lots of enthusiasm for their current learning about the Titanic.  They love learning new facts and have carried out lots of independent research about the ship.



27th September 2018

 Derwent class have made a a fantastic start to the year in Year 2.  They have shown lots of enthusiasm for their learning and have adapted very well to the new expectations and routines.  Well done!



This week the children thoroughly enjoyed watching a demonstration of how to play the violin from Mrs Major (one of our music teachers) this week.  Year 2 children have the option of having private violin lessons this year.  If you are interested in your child learning to play this instrument please see your child's class teacher for details.