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Valley View Community Primary School

Music Teaching Team

Music Teaching Team

We have a team of specialist music teachers who come in to teach our Key Stage 2 children their curriculum music lessons.  We offer a variety of instrument tuition.  Current Years 3 and 4 learn the violin, Year 5 learn the keyboards and Year 6 learn the cornet. Private music lessons are also available from Year 2 upwards.  Find out about our talented Music Team below.



Mrs A Major

Violin Teacher

I have been teaching for 38 years, and teaching in schools for probably 35-36 years.

I like the variety and interaction with pupils and staff. I enjoy seeing the progress made. I love music and feel very privileged to be able to earn a living doing something I am passionate about.

Best thing - knowing that for some, the experience of learning an instrument will/has made a huge positive difference to the quality of their lives.

A funny thing - the unpredictability of children - answer to question 'How many beats in a bar?' = 'my gerbil had babies last night!'

A word to describe me: 'Dependable'.




Mr C Heron

Violin Teacher

I've been teaching in schools since September 2016 having recently graduated in July. 

At Valley View, the children really care about music and the teachers are always supportive with big smiles all around!

I keep getting called Mrs. Heron by students in each school! Maybe it's the long hair...

A word to describe me is: 'Charismatic' (or Crazy)






Mrs D Pennington

Keyboard Teacher

I have been working in schools for about 10 years.

I enjoy being part of a community, getting to know the children and having colleagues.

The best thing is seeing the children perform in front of all their friends and teachers.

A word to describe me would be: 'Committed'.
















Mrs S Eddison

Cornet Teacher




















Mr B Bache

Steel Pan Teacher

I've been working on schools since 2009 when I taught English in China. I then started again in schools in 2012 in the final year of my degree.

I love a lot of things about my job. My favourite things are; firstly inspiring people to learn and play music, and secondly seeing my students progress. Many of my students have been with me for a long time and it gives me great pleasure to see how well they're playing now and how far they've come as musicians.

The main thing I find funny is the stuff my students come out with. Some of my favourites are "Brendan, did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo has a 6 pack on his leg? I saw it on the news" and "Brendan, you know you said play louder, well can I pretend that the drums are Donald Trumps face as that will help me?"

A word to describe me is: 'Passionate'.