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Upper Key Stage 2 Team



Mrs A Young

Ribble Class Teacher,

Upper Key Stage 2 Leader, Assistant Headteacher



I started teaching in 2009 and have worked in schools across Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. 

I just love working with children. Everyday is different and you can always rely on children to make you giggle several times a day. Being both a leader and class teacher, I particularly enjoy working across the school but also having my own class and watching them grow as young people.

There are lots of great and funny moments in schools but I particularly enjoy residential when I have taken children on a river walk. The sheer shock of cold water entering 30 pairs of little wellies and the excitement on children's faces as they have lots of fun. 

A word to describe me? 'Enthusiastic'.




Miss G Barnes

Ryburn Class Teacher


 I have been working in schools for a while, but September 2018 will be my first year teaching as a 'proper teacher'.

One thing I love about teaching is that every single day is different. You can never predict which direction a lesson may go because of the children's questions and interests about a topic!

The best thing is seeing the children progress. Watching the children and seeing their facial expressions when they finally understand a tricky concept that we have been working on is the best feeling!

One word to describe me as a professional is 'dedicated'. 





Mr Lewis Dixon

Wharfe Class Teacher




 I have been working in schools since 2007.

As a teacher, I particularly like the fact that every day is different; one day children are investigating in Science whereas another day children could be researching historical facts or problem solving in maths.

I enjoy learning new skills and researching different interesting facts and activities so as to make my lessons fun. I also enjoy watching children progress -  the "aha moment" is priceless when a child finally understands what you've been teaching. You can see it on their faces, and you know you've opened a door in their minds that might otherwise have remained closed.

One word to describe me as a professional would be 'dedicated'.




Mrs Debbie Mallett

Wenning Class Teacher


 I started working in schools in 2001, and have worked at Valley View since it opened.

I love working in our school because the children are great and we have a lot of fun and the staff work as a team.

The funniest things that have happened are when I got locked in the PE cupboard at a Rainbow Party; I had custard poured on me when my class all teamed up to buy tokens; and when I set the alarm off in the disabled toilet at South Leeds Stadium when at a football competition. (I thought it was the light switch!)

A word to describe me - 'busy'!




Miss R Maston 

Washburn Class Teacher


 I have been working in schools since 2015 (as an 'official teacher') or since 2012 if you count training years too!

One thing I love about teaching is the variety that every day brings. One hour you can be teaching about the Rivers of the world, then in the next hour you can be learning how to using coding software on the computer! You can also always count on the children to bring variety to your day as you never quite know which direction their inquisitive minds will take the learning. 

One of the funniest things that has happened to me as a teacher is on many occasions being mistaken as one of the children in the class! At 5ft tall, you easily blend into a crowd of Key Stage 2 children!

The one word that describes me as a professional is 'energetic'.




Mrs K Moore

Y5 Ryburn Class

Teaching Assistant

I have worked in school since 2012.

I like the different everyday challenges working in school brings and the enjoyment of seeing children happy and learning.

My favourite moments are when children have struggled with a task for a while but still persevered on, the moment they understand how to do it and can then do it independently is fantastic.  To me the best moments working in school are seeing the children achieving,  learning and smiling.

The word to describe me as a professional: 'Dedicated'.




Mrs N Tierney

Y5 Ribble Class

Senior Teaching Assistant

I have been working in schools since 2010.

I enjoy a new challenge everyday and that no day is the same.

I love the ethos at Valley View and the community spirit that everyone shares.

There are lots of things that make me laugh but mostly it is the children with their wit, curiosity and their ability to change your whole day with just one smile.

One word to describe myself would be 'Dependable'.




 Mrs P Hudson

Y5 Ribble Class Teaching Assistant


I have worked in schools for 14 years.

What I love about my job is that every day is so different.  I love the smiles and hugs I receive from the children and the feeling of achievement when you have worked with the children and they finally get it!

I think one of the best things for me was when I worked in a Year 6 class and after SATs, the children formed a company to raise funds for a final day trip to the seaside.  They did bob-a-job week, bun sales, ice-cream sales and much more.  They raised enough money for a trip to Filey.  It was an amazing day and a great trip for their final days together as a class.

A word to describe me: ‘Affable’.




Mrs L Jackson

KS2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant


I have been working in schools since 2007. 

I love the wide variety of children and age ranges that I get to work with through out the school. Everybody in the school helps and supports each other, and will do so with a smile on their face.  

Working in a school means there are fantastic, funny and inspiring moments every day. It's hard to choose one in particular.

A good word to describe me would be 'Dependable'.






Mrs D Stuttard

Y6 Washburn Class

Senior Teaching Assistant


I have worked in schools since 2002, and I've been at Valley View since we opened in 2006.

My job is challenging, exciting and fun. No two days are ever the same. 

At Valley View I appreciate the support and enthusiasm that each and every staff member shares with one another. I feel lucky and proud that I can work with children of all ages and always feel welcomed by them when entering their classrooms. I appreciate the fact that my professional development is important to the management team, who support and encourage requests for training courses to further develop my skills.

The funniest thing that has happened was when we had an Art Week in school. Mrs Dowling had several large tins of emulsion paint in the boot of her car, she asked me to take the four tins upstairs. Well, I didn't actually get to the landing because I suddenly noticed that as I climbed each step the tins had been knocking against my hips, and as Mrs Dowling later admitted, "The lids hadn't been put back on properly" therefore each and every step -carpeted- had been covered in paint! (I'm not sure that Mrs Griggs and Mr Richards find this funny - yet!).

A word to describe me: 'Enthusiastic'.  



Mrs J Siney

Y6 Wharfe Class

Senior Teaching Assistant


I've worked in schools since 1991... and started here in January 2012.

I love the "awe and wonder" moments when children learn something new.  

I was once mistaken for one of the children on a school trip and was told, "You're a confident little madam, maybe you should wait for your teacher to come and sign you all in!" (at a museum )

A word to describe me is: 'Caring'.






Mrs V Woodward

Spanish Teacher


I have been working at Valley View Primary for 3 years teaching Spanish to children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The children are always very keen to learn and enthusiastic, especially when we are singing our favourite songs in Spanish. They always enjoy our role play drama activities.

I enjoyed our Spanish Day when in assembly all the children sang our Greeting song – ‘Buenas dias!’

A word to describe me: 'Organised'!






Mrs N Sutcliffe

UKS2 Teacher 


I have been working in schools since 2012.

The best thing about working in a school is that every single day is different so it never gets boring! I know that the children are always going to make me laugh.

The best thing that has happened to me whilst working in a school is taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. I have never been so nervous, excited and petrified for the children I have worked with. It was a roller-coaster of emotions (for me and the children) throughout the rehearsal process and we had quite a few wobbles along the way. On the night they absolutely blew me away and I was so proud watching them from the side of the stage, so much so I made a few chuckle whilst I was jumping around like a lunatic when they were remembering everything we had worked on! I have never been so full of pride for a group of children I have worked with. Definitely a highlight for my teaching career so far!

The word to describe me: 'Dedicated'.





   Mrs H Durkan

UKS2 Graduate

Learning Assistant


I've been working in schools for four and a half years.

I love working in schools because I love working with children and learning new things every day. I love that every day is different.

Valley View School is a fantastic place to work because of our children and staff, who work together to learn and care for each other.

My funniest memory is when my class managed to persuade myself and lots of other Valley View staff to have cold custard poured all over our heads in front of the rest of the school! 

A word to describe me is 'Kind'.



Miss D Bowater

Year 5 Teaching Assistant